Other tools block based on keywords.

Safe Kids smart scans website content, URLs, and more to analyze intent because keywords aren't enough.

Here’s how it works

Choose What
Gets Blocked

Set search and content limits so you choose what’s blocked.

Intercepts Before
It’s Seen

Safe Kids smart scans websites, URLs, and chats to intercept negative content before it’s seen.

Blocks Become Teachable Moments

Blocks are turned into teachable moments to help kids be safer on the Internet. Parents can see when blocks happen.

All data is private and safe.

We only look at categories of search: we don’t track specific websites.

Because we don’t track kids’ activities, search history is not linked to each kid.

No browsing data is captured. We only track high level search categories.

Built to catch more, earlier and turn blocks into learning moments.

Patented Approach to Behavior Change

Blocks are met with encouraging messages to help kids search safer online.

AI-based Smart Scan

Safe Kids artificial intelligence uses sophisticated models and pattern recognition to intercept content, other tools traditionally miss.

Our mission is to keep kids safe online. Safe Kids is developed by kids, mental health experts and supported by a world-class advisory team.

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