Last modified: June 20th, 2022

Safe Kids monitors student use of School-Assigned Devices, uses artificial intelligence to identify Problematic Internet Use and Problematic Messaging and intervenes (programmatically) to discourage Problematic Internet Use and Problematic Messaging where it determines there may be such Use or Messaging (the “Services”). For Safe Kids to provide the Services on a School Assigned Device assigned to you or your minor child, the Downloadable Software must be downloaded on that School Assigned Device. You agree to these Terms when you permit the School to download the Downloadable Software on the School Assigned Device assigned to you or your minor child.

For purposes of these Terms:

  • The term “Problematic Internet Use” refers to a range of repetitive impairing behaviors, such as excessive video gaming, cybersex, online buying, gambling, streaming, social media use, online messaging including emails, chats, google or Microsoft documents or similar, online searching for health-related information and inability to control the amount of time spent interfacing with digital technology.
  • The term “School” refers to an academic institution that is acquiring the SafeKids Services and that you, or your minor child, attend, but only if the school has provided you, or your minor child (whichever is the student), a School-Assigned Device and you have consented to the implementation of the SafeKids Services with respect to such School-Assigned Device; and
  • The term “School-Assigned Device” refers to a desktop, laptop, and mobile device such as a tablet, a smart phone, an e-reader, or a virtual or augmented reality device on which the School has implemented SafeKids Downloadable Software and that is assigned by such School to you or your minor child, whichever is the student at the School.
  • The term “SafeKids Downloadable Software” refers to downloadable tools or other software that SafeKids makes available for download specifically for purposes of facilitating access to, operation of, or use of the SafeKids Services, and any enhancements SafeKids may make available to such Software from time-to-time.

The provision of the Services with respect to the School Assigned Device assigned to you or your minor child is conditioned upon your agreement as set forth herein.

I have reviewed the Video Demonstration and the Safe Kids LLC Privacy Policy and consent to the implementation of the Downloadable Software on the School Assigned Device assigned to me or my minor child and the use of such Software and the related Services described in the Video Demonstration in connection with my or my minor child’s use of such Device. I recognize that the Software and related Services will be monitoring my or my minor child’s use of the School Assigned Device at and outside school including when used from home on a home wi-fi network or a cellular network.

I acknowledge and understand that there is no guarantee that the Software or related Services will be available and functioning at the time my child attempts to use the Device, that the Software or Services will identify all uses that may be signs of Problematic Internet Use, or that the programmatic intervention will have the effect of discouraging such Use.

I acknowledge and understand that in some circumstances mitigating the impact of Problematic Internet Use may not be possible, and where it is possible mitigation is likely to result from some combination of the following factors, including among others: parental input, input from other family members, input from friends, input from other community sources and input from other technology-based tools as well as from the Services.

I acknowledge and agree that Safe Kids, the company that developed the Services and made it available to the School, shall have no liability of any kind arising from or associated with my child’s Problematic Internet Use, the failure of the Services to operate, or the operation of the Services including any programmatic intervention that may take place, and specifically waives any rights or claim it may have against Safe Kids arising in connection with my child’s use of the School Assigned Device and the impact or lack thereof of the Services.

I acknowledge that the programmatic intervention by the solution may include the provision of a notice to School-designated personnel (including administrator, counselors and teachers) that my child has engaged in Problematic Internet Use after my child has ignored multiple solution generated warnings; provided, however, that in the case of Problematic Internet Use that reasonably can be understood to give rise to a risk of self-harm or violence against others (including the intent to acquire or use a weapon), the solution may give such notice before or simultaneous with the solution generated warnings provided my child. For clarity, such notice will identify my child, describe the Problematic Internet Use, list sites visited by my child, and include copies of emails and chats sent or received and documents drafted. Moreover, upon receipt of such notice the School may share such notice or otherwise disclose the Problematic Internet Use to law enforcement.

I acknowledge that I have reviewed, understand and agree to Safe Kids’ Privacy Policy I understand that if my child is under the age of 13, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires Safe Kids to provide parental notification and obtain parental consent before collecting personal information from my child or my child’s computer. I understand that the Software collects information from the School Assigned Device used by my child, and consent to such collection.

I acknowledge that we are making these statements for the benefit of the School and Safe Kids and that both School and Safe Kids may rely on them.

Our mission is to keep kids safe online. Safe Kids is developed by kids, mental health experts and supported by a world-class advisory team.

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